Home Elevator

Convenient up-and-down transport brings you wonderful private life

White grand villa and luxury car are becoming status symbols, SL Elevators creates top-quality home elevator to provide your distinguished space woth intelligence and esteem. It can bring you the breath of life in luxury mansion, allow you to wander around and return home with good memories, and provide you with leisurely life and good times.

Passenger Elevator

Up and down, appreciate your life

With so many high buildings soaring to the sky today, SL Elevators devotes to making high quality passenger elevator. It is under win-win condition with architecture and environment and creates comfortable, relax living space for passengers. It keeps you in great mood during the short up and down journey. You can explore the secret of the modern world in the moving space.

Passenger Elevator – Multi Car Doors Series

Heart • Boundless Realm • Limitless

Taking the elevator and overlooking the distant place with imposing feeling; Appreciating the amazing landscape in all directions; Easing your heart and your soul in the boundless scenery.

Freight Elevator

Big load capacity is its virtue

With the rapid development of logistics and transport industry in recent days, freight elevators have become an irreplaceable vertical freight tool for office buildings, commercial centers, factories, warehouses, docks and other places. SL Elevator keeps pace with the times, and dedicates to making a series of freight elevator with high stability, large capacity and unusual strength. Fully competent at meeting buildings’ demands on logistics and transport, SL Elevator has become the model of upward force.

Observation Elevator

Everlasting quality casts classic elevator

Observation elevator is like the shifting scenery in the building and the humanity care of bed elevator is the greenway leading to healthy life. Whether for sightseeing, or carrying passenger or hospital bed. When beauty meets SL, there is SL sightseeing elevator. When love meets SL, there is SL medical elevator. Creative Design and Humanity Concept shine brightly between up and down. 

Elevator Decoration

Passenger Elevator Car • Observation Elevator Car • Villa Elevator Car • Landing Door • Ceiling • Handrail

Provides you a special and unique “flowing architecture”, which adds artistic atmosphere and elegant style to the space.

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